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Flexishield fPP is a flexible Polypropylene (fPP) geomembrane. It has excellent flexibility, elasticity and resistance to puncture. These Properties assure maximum multi-axial elongation to accommodate differential settlement.

The increased flexibility also allows factory prefabricated panels to be folded and rolled ready for dispatch to the job site, minimising on site seaming.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly flexible for easy conformance to earth contours.
  • Excellent Multi-axial Strain Performance for applications subjected to differential settlement.
  • Ease of prefabrication allows panel fabrication to be done off site in reliable controlled conditions.
  • No plasticisers to leach out and cause embrittlement or cracking.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction provides excellent dimensional stability and lay flat characteristics.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most industrial effluents.
  • Exceptional resistance to UV, ozone and oxidation.

General Areas of Application