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Flexishield RPP is a Reinforced polypropylene geomembrane. It contains a polyester scrim reinforcement, which enhances tear and puncture resistance without reducing environmental stress crack resistance.

Such properties make this product ideal for floating covers, baffle curtains and any applications requiring exceptional support in hightensioned areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Scrim reinforcement provides enhanced tear and puncture resistance.
  • Potable and Industrial grade membrane available. ANSI/NSF-61 tested and listed.
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation.
  • No plasticisers to leach out and cause embrittlement or cracking.
  • Polyester reinforcing fabric which is resistant to degradation by soil bacteria.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction provides excellent dimensional stability and lay flat characteristics.
  • Resistant to environmental stress crack (ASTM D-1693).
  • Highly flexible for easy conformance to earth contours.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most industrial effluents.
  • Wide temperature welding window allows fusion or extrusion welding processes.

General Areas of Application